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SDG Game Bag
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SDG Live Bird Game Bag


ISDG Live Bird Game Bag

Innovation enters the bird dog world in the form of a live bird game bag. The SDG Game Bag is designed to carry pigeons, quail or pheasant into the field when working your pointing or flushing dogs. SDG Game Bag was thoughtfully designed to be durable and to keep birds in the bag until they are need. The large front flap stays closed and secure preventing even the largest rooster from popping this bag open. One of the great innovations are the gussets sewn into each side of the bag opening blocking birds from escaping out sides and saving you money.

The SDG Live Bird Game Bag is available in two models, the original bag and new deluxe model. The Deluxe Game Bag has all the same great features as our original bag but now includes a durable mesh front panel to allow addition air flow in warmer weather and a locking magnet to add additional security from escaping birds. 


  • 17” L x 15” W x 5” H
  • Bag can comfortably hold 8-10 pigeons or 2-3 pheasants
  • 2” adjustable shoulder strap wraps all the way around the bottom of the bag to support heavier loads.
  • Exterior made from a PVC coated polyester
  • Inside lining made from a tightly woven white nylon with a slippery surface, making it easy to clean and prevents birds from climbing.
  • Side Gussets sewn into the top preventing birds from escaping out the sides.
  • Large front flap stays closed and secure.
  • 5 large brass grommets in front and back to provide proper ventilation.
  • Backside pocket for storage.
  • Deluxe model includes mesh front panel.

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