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Cato Board Rubber Surface Blue
Cato Board Rubber Surface White
Cato Board Turf Surface White
Cato Board Rubber Surface Brown
Cato Board Turf Surface Brown
Cato Board Turf Surface Blue
Cato Board Rubber Surface Purple
Cato Board Turf Surface Purple

Cato Outdoors's Cato Place Board


 Cato Outdoors's Cato Place Board

The place command is one of the first steps for developing a well-trained hunting partner. The place board method of training is incredibly effective because it provides an objective for not only your dog, but also for YOU as the trainer. Negative behaviors can be stopped and positive behaviors can begin by teaching your dog that the place board is a safe place where they can't be in trouble, and where positive reinforcement happens. 

Place boards are a foundation tool for training a dog for any job including retrievers, pointers and flushers.  


  • High-traction, replaceable surface that that is safe and comfortable for dogs
  • Available in a rubber or turf surface
  • Incredibly durable
  • Non-absorbent with integrated water drainage built into the surface
  • Stack-able for easy transportation
  • Ultra-stable even on uneven terrain
  • Air-flow underneath to reduce damage to grass
  • Rubber feet for no slip use on wood floors, tile and concrete
  • Dimensions: 6.5 LBS - lightweight for easy transportation
  • 16" wide, 24" long, 3.5" high