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CCI .22 Blank Power Loads


CCI .22 Blank Power Loads

CCI Power loads made specific for RRT, is a .22 Blank Power Loads help train your hunting dog for real life hunting situations. Power loads launch dummies at different distances. The Power Loads are a RRT .22 blank that is available in three different powers. Pick the distance you want your training dummy to go. Hunting dogs will learn at different distances. Green which is the lightest load resulting in a 40 to 80 yard retrieve. The Yellow Load is a medium load resulting in a 70 to 100 yard retrieve and the heaviest load is the Red Load resulting in 100 to 120 yard down range.

**These power loads are made by CCI for Retriev-R-Trainer



  • Box of 100
  • Available in Red (High), Yellow (Medium) & Green (Light)
  • Will work on most .22 style launchers 

**Power loads are designed for dummy launchers and are NOT to be used in blank guns.