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Retriev-R-Trainer Versa Dummy Launcher
RRT Versa Launcher - 4 shot dummy launcher
RRT Versa Launcher - Dummy Launcher
Versa Launcher Base
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Retriev-R-Trainer Versa Launcher


 Retriev-R-Trainer Versa Launcher

Retriev-R-Trainer Versa Launchers are designed to be the most versatile remote launcher ever produced. The base can accommodate up to 8 launcher tubes that are independently adjustable 75 degrees vertically and have a rotation of 360 degrees. The Versa Launcher will allow you to easily and accurately launch dummies with distances ranging from 100' to 200" by utilizing different power loads and dummies.

Another base can be attached which would double the amount of launchers to 16. An optional wheel kit and handle could then attach to the base for easy transport. 

Requires remote electronics to operate. 


  • Versa Launch launcher base
  • Receiver stand
  • Launcher tubes
  • RRT dummy launchers
  • RRT Canvas dummy
  • Box of 100 blank low power loads  for each launcher tube
  • Tube connector cables
  • Release system cable
  • Polarity adapter
  • Battery charger and battery
  • Operator manual
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty