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Retriev-R-Trainer Side Kick

Retriev-R-Trainer Side-Kick Starter Tube


 Retriev-R-Trainer Side-Kick Starter Tube

Convert your RRT Hand Held Launcher into a REMOTE LAUNCHER!

Retriev-R-Trainer's highly portable & compact single remote launcher is perfect for every day training. The Side-Kicks can operate with all popular release systems. One can set multiple Side-Kicks in different locations using multiple receivers OR can chain them together in a single location with a single receiver to achieve a multi-shot remote launcher. The Side-Kick’s ability to aid in training is only limited by the users imagination.


  • Side-Kick Launcher Tube
  • Receiver Stand
  • Receiver Harness
  • Polarity Adapter
  • Hand Launcher Conversion Kit 

Does not include a RRT Hand Launcher



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