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RRT Hand Held Launcher
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Retriev-R-Trainer (RRT) Hand Launcher


Retriev-R-Trainer (RRT) Hand Launcher

The world famous RRT hand held launcher is the industry’s #1 rated dummy launcher in the world. The Hand Launcher was invented by Retreiv-R-Trainer in 1965 to empower you to effectively train your gun dog! This valuable tool combines the sound of a gunshot with the flight of a dummy to teach your gun dog to retrieve dummies or birds. Known for its beautifully simple design the RRT Launcher allows for a single handed operation to open the launcher to reload the blanks.  The ease and quickness of the reload maximizes your focus and training time in the field where it matters most…with your dog.

The head is constructed of cast aluminum and the barrel is machined from high grade aluminum stock. This eliminates any concerns of rust or corrosion inhibiting the use of the launcher. The firing pin is machined from stainless steel and has a brass seat that helps prevent the build up of residue in the handle. This eliminates the need for cleaning of the firing pin and spring. The self closing thumb latch makes for simple one handed opening and closing.

RRT's Hand Held dummy launcher is hand crafted in the USA and is comprised of 100% USA made parts.

The extreme confidence in their launchers RRT extended a 3 year warranty !  This is one piece of equipment you can count on!

 Contains launcher only, does not include training dummy.



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