Thunder Launcher 2 shot
Thunder Launcher 2 Shooter

Thunder Launcher 2 Shooter


Thunder Launcher 2 Shooter

The Thunder Launcher 2 Shooter is one of the smallest 2-shot launchers on the market. The Thunder Launcher mounting legs are contained inside the frame shell so no more worries about damage or storage. Thunder Launchers provide you with a consistent and reliable marks without the need for those hard to find bird boys.  Thunder dummies can be reloaded in less than 5 seconds and there is no need for a carrying case to move or store. Just disarm the system, fold the bi-pod legs into the body and carry on your shoulder or vehicle.

The launcher body is made of solid aluminum sheeting with a black powder coated exterior. The enclosed case makes it almost impervious to rain. Being fully enclosed shields it from dust, debris, mud, weeds, etc. that are encountered in a normal day's training. It will reliably launch bumpers in any temperature between 25 - 100 degrees F.

Thunder Launchers are powered by MAPP gas cylinders and require remote electronics to work.



• Multi-shot remote launch
• Shotgun sound simulator
• Remote variable launch at your fingertips
• Reliable throws every time
• Durable all aluminum construction
• Compact and fully self-contained
• Inexpensive operation
• Quick and easy setup and reload
• Minimal Maintenance
• Size: 9" x 9" x 18", 17 lbs

Launcher includes 2 standard white / black bumpers. Additional bumpers and colors sold separately. 

Ships Factory Direct 2-3 weeks